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Federal Corporation GLOCALFERT INC. opened its doors and began formulating business concept includes fertilizer supply, agronomic service and other related services to offer economical, professional and efficient solutions. GLOCALFERT feels proud of being one of Fertilizer community to serve local markets by offering a wide range of specialized nutrients and supplements. The line of products includes CFIA registered kelp based organic fertilizers, bio-simulate and other synthetic fertilizers for field crops, greenhouse crops, nurseries, turf, landscaping etc.


Water Soluble Straights

Widely used by growers as crops nutrition

Sustainable High Quality NPK ingredents

Micronutrients such as Ca, Mg, S etc.

Water Soluble Blends

Well Compounded  NPK Soluble Fertilizer

Many different formulas

Trace Elements added

Recommended for use on all plants.

Liquid Fertilizers

Concentrates or water-soluble chemicals

Mixed of NPK with other micronutrients.

Easy to apply and acts quickly

Kelp Based Bio-Stimulate

CFIA Registered Products

100% Seaweed Extract Liquid.

Organic Kelp and Fish Extracts

Ecocert Organic Certified

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Purchasing Agency Service

We call this service as the solution to local growers that annually they need large quantity fertilizer demand for their farm. We understand that some growers apply fertilizer regularly to the crops with large quantity by the time of need each year. GLOCALFERT owns the ability to do the pre-order service

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Marketing Service

Introducing new products to market and make the local growers not only uses them but also feels comfortable with it. We always remind itself to understand more about different markets and choose the suitable products fit for them.  We are working to create more resources

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Soil Sampling

Our team always believe good decision starts with good data. Especially good fertility and nutrient management data starts with testing good samples. GLOCALFERT works with Canadian leading labs to help local growers arrange the soil test. Our office will be responsible to

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Plant Analysis

Another best way to improve the crops quality and increase the yield is Plant Analysis. It assists growers diagnose and find out the problems on plants. The Plant Analysis comes with the accurate data report that identify the nutrition status of following elements such as 

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